The Shattered World  Bandersnatch   


Ability Scores
Strength 3d6+6 (17) 
Dexterity 2d6+6 (13) 
Endurance 3d6+6 (17) 
Intelligence 1d6+3 (7) 
Will 2d6+6 (13) 
Charm N/A 

Hit Points End + Str Bonus (11) 
Mana PointsWill + Int Bonus (11) 

# Attacks Bite + 2x Claw 
To Hit13 (Bite)/
9 (Claw) 
Damage2d10 (Bite)/3d6 (Claw) 


This strange forest creature is mostly bipedal, walking on it's knuckles like a gorilla much of the time. The Bandersnatch has a vaguely leonine head and almost no neck. It's fur is usually dark colors, brown and/or black, in a variety of motley patterns.

Bandersnatchi (the proper plural) are found either as single rogue males, or in small groups (2-5) of females with young (1-2 per female, 1/2 values). When a group of females is found, they will most often (85%) be hunting and will have hidden the young ones. If the females are found with their young there is a 75% chance that an adult male will be with them also. In the latter case the young will flee into the forest while the adults fight.

In combat, a Bandersnatch must hit with at least one claw in order to get the bite attack. If hits are scored with both claws in the same round the Bandersnatch has it's victim in a hold. Claw damage won't be applied in subsequent rounds, as long as the hold is maintained, but the bite attack can be applied. The victim must win a contest of Strength to break free (or fight the Bandersnatch with a Tiny weapon).

The Shattered World  Bandersnatch   
Last Updated 01/03/2002