The Shattered World  Grell   


Ability Scores
Strength 3d6 (11) 
Dexterity 3d6 (11) 
Endurance 3d6 (11) 
Intelligence 3d6 (11) 
Will 3d6 (11) 
Charm N/A 

Hit Points End + Str Bonus (11) 
Mana PointsWill + Int Bonus (11) 
MovementLevitate 120' 

# Attacks 8 (Tentacles) or 1 (Bite) 
To Hit12 or 6 
DamageParalysis or 2d8 


The Grell is a fearsome carnivore that looks like a huge, 5-foot diameter drab olive (streaked with white) colored brain with a beak in the front and 8 dangling tentacles, each about 6 feet long. Some Grell are "rogues", while others live in family units. The "civilized" Grell is a hive or colony creature, much like an ant or a bee, but far more intelligent, arrogant, and dangerous.

Grell have a weird language composed of bird-like squawks and chirps, combined with motion and a limited telepathy with other Grell. Other creatures cannot learn the Grell language, and they would not deign to learn the language of "lesser beings" (a synonym for "food" in their language).

A Grell attacks with its tentacles. Each tentacle has a row of small poisonous spines on it. This poison causes paralysis on any creature it touches; save vs. Endurance to resist. Once a victim is paralyzed the Grell can lift it up toward the ceiling and devour the prey when desired. A Grell automatically hits paralyzed prey each round. Note that the Grell must use two tentacles to lift Medium prey, or all 8 to lift Large prey.

Grell are immune to all electrical effects. A special attack (Stunt) aimed at a tentacle renders it unusable; a Grell with 4 or fewer tentacles left will almost always flee.

The Shattered World  Grell   
Last Updated 01/03/2002