The Shattered World  Character Generation   

Ability Scores    

Each character has six Ability Scores, as follows:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Endurance
  • Intelligence
  • Will
  • Charm

Each player should roll 3d6 for each Ability Score. Next, the player is allowed to roll 1d6 and add the result to any Score he or she wants, noting that the maximum is still 18.

Nonhuman character races will normally have different die rolls and/or maximum Scores; consult the character race information for more details.

For advancement purposes (later in the game) some additional information must be retained. Write the largest of Strength, Dexterity, or Endurance Scores down as the Physical Score. Write the largest of Intelligence, Will, or Charm Scores down as the Mental Score. These two values determine the maximum which the Ability Scores may be advanced to later (see Skills, Advancement for more).

Ability Bonuses    

Ability bonuses should next be noted on the character sheet, as follows:

Score Bonus
Score Bonus

(The table goes well beyond the range of normal characters; these figures are used for Ogres, Giants, etc.)

Calculated Scores    

Next, calculate the character's Hit Points and Mana (Magic) Points:

  • HP = End Score + Str Bonus
  • MP = Will Score + Int Bonus


Now assign initial Skills to the character. Several Skills are automatically known (see the Skills section for details). The player rolls a number of d6's (usually eight, but the GameMaster may allow more if the campaign is expected to be particularly difficult). Then, apply one to three dice to each Skill the player wishes to learn. For each such Skill you must also add the Ability Bonus for the related Score (again, see Skills for details). The character may not exceed the normal Skill Rank limits this way.

Other Attributes    

Carrying Capacity and Maximum Lift:

Strength Max Lift Carrying Capacity
1-3 25 10
4-5 50 20
6-8 100 40
9-12 150 60
13-15 200 80
16-17 250 100
18-19 300 120
20-21 350 140
22-23 400 160
24-25 500 200
26-27 600 240
28-29 700 280
30-31 800 320
32+ 900 + 100/point 360 + 40/point

A character who exceeds his or her carrying capacity is Encumbered, moving at 1/2 normal speed. See the combat rules for more information.

Finishing Up    

The GameMaster will assign starting equipment and/or funds to be used to procure equipment. The player should name the character and assign physical characteristics (with the GameMaster's approval).

The Shattered World  Character Generation   
Last Updated 01/12/2002