The Shattered World  Detect Magic   

Cost 1
Area 10'x20' Swath
Range Caster
Duration 1 Minute (Extendable)

This spell permits the caster to see magic auras. Detection of an enchanted item or active spell is automatic with a normal casting. The listed Area is a swath in front of the caster; Area may be manipulated by doubling the 20' length but the width may not be increased.

Cast at 2 levels of Effect, this spell allows distinction between active spells and permanently enchanted items. At 3 levels of Effect, the caster may attempt to identify magic items with another roll against the Rank of this spell (at no extra cost). Difficulty is one die per enchantment in the item (so a Spell Matrix linked to a Magic Crystal is 2d20 difficulty). Obviously the GameMaster will need to roll this; on a failure the GM may give hints at his or her option (which, if given, may be misleading but not outright wrong).

Duration is extendable and may also be manipulated as normal.

The Shattered World  Detect Magic   
Last Updated 01/12/2002