The Shattered World  Dispel   

Cost 2
Area 1 Spell/Item
Range 10'
Duration Instant

This spell allows the cancellation of other magic. It may be cast against active spells (those currently in effect) or magic items.

Used against an active spell, the Effect level of the Dispel must equal or exceed the Effect level of the target spell. If this is so, roll a resistance check against the Rank of the original caster (for the target spell) at +1 die of difficulty for each level by which the Dispel exceeds the target spell level. Failure breaks the spell, ending it immediately as if the duration had expired.

Used against a magic item, the level of the Dispel must equal or exceed the number of levels of enchantment in the item (magic crystals count as one level per 3 points maximum storage). If this is so, the item saves as for spells above; the Rank used is the creator's Will, if known, or a default of 15 otherwise. A Dispelled magic item is not destroyed, but is suppressed and useless for one day per failed resistance die. If the Dispel was cast at level 3 against a 3 point (i.e. level 1) magic crystal, 3d20 would be the difficulty. If two of the three d20's failed, the magic item would be useless for two days. Magic crystals which are successfully dispelled for any duration are always drained fully.

Area may not be manipulated, but Range may be increased by doubling as usual.

The Shattered World  Dispel   
Last Updated 01/12/2002