The Shattered World  Invisibility    

Cost 1
Area 1 Small Target
Range Touch
Duration Special

This spell makes the target invisible. Casting difficulty is affected by the size of the target and the number of targets, as follows:

1 Medium = 2 Small
1 Large = 2 Medium = 4 Small
1 Huge = 2 Large = 4 Medium = 8 Small

Thus, making two Humans (size M) Invisible takes a total of 4 levels of Effect (i.e. 3 added levels).

While invisible all attacks against the target are Stunts (if one knows where the target is at all). The target is invisible to all normal means of visual detection, except a Stunt Scan roll. The target can be sensed normally through other senses.

Duration is one hour and may be doubled through additional levels. If the target is the caster then the spell may be maintained.

The Shattered World  Invisibility    
Last Updated 01/12/2002