The Shattered World  Itemize    

Cost 3
Area 20 Pounds
Range Touch
Duration Special

This spell causes the target object to turn into a miniature representing the original, with the consistency of iron. For purposes of being destroyed consider it as iron, and if 'destroyed' it will revert back to original form. Area may be doubled as normal. The object weighs 1/100 normal while in itemized form.

The duration is until it is broken or a command word is spoken (chosen when the spell is cast) at which time the object will revert back to normal status, size, energy state, etc. While objects remain in itemized form they are not subject to aging or other effects. Examples of good itemizable things; Rope, burning fire, hot food, jug of water, extra arrows, etc. If the object is non-solid such as an itemized fire, then the itemized object is a solid little sculpture of it. This spell cannot be used on living things or sentient objects.

The Shattered World  Itemize    
Last Updated 01/12/2002