The Shattered World  Magic Missile    

Cost 1
Area 10'x10' Area (see text)
Range 50'
Duration Instant

This spell shoots magical bolts which cause 1d4+1 damage. For each spell level the caster can create one missile. If the casting succeeds, the bolts hit automatically; armor and/or shields provide no protection, but antimagic or protective spells work normally. More than one target in a 10'x10' area may be affected at the caster's option, but all targets must be declared before damage is rolled or antimagic is revealed. Range and Area may be doubled as normal. Note that if Area is doubled is must be contiguous; +2 levels could give a 10'x40' area, or a 20'x20' area, but not two separate 10'x20' patches.

The Shattered World  Magic Missile    
Last Updated 01/12/2002