The Shattered World  Mind Reading   

Cost 1
Area 10'x10' Square
Range 10'
Duration 1 Minute (Extendable)

This spell allows the user to scan and read minds within the area of effect. The Area and Range may be doubled as normal.

A target may be scanned for within the given range, if the target's location is not known. Scanning requires an Intelligence roll each round; when successful, the target has been found.

Once located the target can then be read. To read a mind, the caster must defeat the target in an instant Rank vs. Will contest. The thoughts scanned by this roll are only the ones currently in the creatures mind. Memories cannot be seen, just what the target is thinking about at the time of reading. i.e. an unconscious character would read as a blank. The character scanned is not aware of being scanned, unless he or she gets a successful Critical in the contest above (in which case the target knows of the scanning attempt). Note that it is possible to lose the contest, even with a successful Critical roll (if the caster gets one too). The target would then be aware of the mindreader but unable to prevent it from happening.

The caster may shift this spell from target to target, but each shift requires a new contest; further, any target winning a contest cannot be affected again by this instance of the spell.

The Shattered World  Mind Reading   
Last Updated 01/12/2002