The Shattered World  Phantom Shield    

Cost 1
Area Target
Range Touch
Duration 1 Minute (Extendable)

This spell causes a shadowlike shield to come into effect close to the target. The shield moves about by itself, trying to interpose itself between any attacks made to the target.

It has a parry capability of 4 times spell level (maximum 16). The phantom shield can absorb up to 5 hit points per point of the spell before being destroyed. There can only ever be one phantom shield up around a person at any one time. If another one is cast on a person, the one with the higher points remains in existence, the other one is destroyed.

This spell is only extendable if the caster is the target; but the duration may be increased as normal with additional levels.

The Shattered World  Phantom Shield    
Last Updated 01/12/2002