The Shattered World  Protection from (weapon)    

Cost 2
Area 1 Target
Range Touch
Duration 1 Minute (Extendable)

When anyone attempts to attack the recipient(s) of this spell with the particular weapon, the attacker suffers a penalty equal to the casting level of the Spell. For example, casting at level 1 costs 2 Mana Points, and gives attackers a penalty of 1d20. Level 2 would be double cost (4 points) but would give a 2d20 penalty.

The 'weapon' is specific weapon such as 'Greatsword' not a category like daggers. (Some rare powerful varieties will protect against categories; add 1 point to difficulty.)

This spell is only extendable if the caster is the target; but the Duration may be doubled as normal with additional levels. Area may also be doubled, but all targets must be touched by the caster when the spell is cast.

The Shattered World  Protection from (weapon)    
Last Updated 01/12/2002