The Shattered World  Vision   

Cost 1
Area Special
Range 50'
Duration 1 Minute (Extendable)

The caster of this spell may, by concentration, see into adjacent areas, even through walls, up to the stated range. Range may be doubled as usual with added levels. The caster's point of view (POV) may be moved up to 50' per round; this rate may not be manipulated. If the caster's concentration lapses, the POV returns to the caster automatically at the same rate; the caster may take up concentration again and resume moving the POV at any point, so long as the spell persists.

Effect levels may not be applied (though the spell can be boosted to overcome magical barriers). Duration can be doubled as normal, and/or Extended. Detection spells in effect during the duration of the Vision spell may be focused through the POV as if it were the caster.

The Shattered World  Vision   
Last Updated 01/12/2002