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Cost 1
Area 5' Cube
Range 50'
Duration 5 Minutes

For every level of spell, this spell covers a 5' cubical volume. Anyone in this area must make a Dexterity check or be bound by the sticky strands; success allows the character to take a step before the spell activates. Note that if taking a 5' step does not get the character out of the area he or she is still stuck in the webs.

Area may be doubled as normal but the total area must be continuous.

Anyone can move by making a Strength Stunt roll, with a move rate of 10' per round (maximum). The check must be made every round to see if the creature moves.

The webs are flammable and will burn away in 3 rounds, but a character in the webs will take 2d4 each round when in the burning webs. Armor will subtract as many points as it has.

The Shattered World  Web   
Last Updated 01/12/2002