The Shattered World  Aarakocra   


Ability Scores
Strength 2d6 
Dexterity 3d6 
Endurance 3d6 
Intelligence 3d6 
Will 3d6 
Charm 3d6 

Hit Points End + Str Bonus (11) 
Mana PointsWill + Int Bonus (11) 
Movement60'/Flying 120' 

# Attacks 2 (Talon) or 1 (Beak) 
To Hit8 or 10 
Damage1d8/1d8 or 1d10 


Aarakocra are a race of intelligent birdmen who live among the highest mountain peaks. Halfway along the edge of each wing is a hand with three fingers and an opposing thumb. This hand cannot grasp while flying. Males of this race are more colorfull with feathers ranging from red to yellow while the females have brown or gray feathers. The Aarakocra live in small tribes throughout the world.

The talon attack may only be used when flying; the beak attack may only be used on the ground. Aarakocra often use spears or other thrown weapons with their feet while flying.

These creatures are valued as couriers in all nations; attacking one wearing the gold sash of the courier corps (even if he is employed by the enemy) is not done, as this would lead to loss of courier support for the attacking nation. Aarakocra couriers are virtually immune to bribery or coercion, but sometimes a bold general may use magic to render an enemy courier unconscious so his bag can be tampered with. Aarakocra couriers are almost always males.

Aarakocra in general are puzzled by Humans, and the feeling is mutual. They laugh (chirping) at jokes that Humans find incomprehensible. However, many Aarakocra do trade or otherwise consort with Humans as it is often mutually beneficial.

The Shattered World  Aarakocra   
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