The Shattered World  Human   


Ability Scores
Strength 3d6 (11) 
Dexterity 3d6 (11) 
Endurance 3d6 (11) 
Intelligence 3d6 (11) 
Will 3d6 (11) 
Charm 3d6 (11) 

Hit Points End + Str Bonus (11) 
Mana PointsWill + Int Bonus (11) 

# Attacks 1 or by weapon 
To Hit6 or by weapon 
Damage1d6 or by weapon 


Humans are by far the most common intelligent humanoids in the world. There are several different "races" of Humans, differing mainly in coloration, as follows:

Vashites are green-skinned (with tone varying based on sun exposure), usually having black hair and brown eyes. About one in ten will have red hair and green eyes; these are sometimes considered unlucky. One in a hundred will have white hair and blue eyes, and these are generally considered blessed. Vashites are named for Vash, the God-King to whom many of them still give their allegiance. She is said to have created the Vashites in her own image. Vashites are passionate and willful like their creator.

Azurites are blue-skinned, black-haired, black-eyed Humans. A very few (perhaps one in a hundred) will have white hair and blue or grey eyes. Azurites claim to be the "children of Serus," one of the five greatest God-Kings who was slain in the God-War. They are often wizards or craftsmen, noted for their calm detachment and patience.

Zornites have night-black skin, hair, and eyes. They claim to have been created by Zoral, who was slain in the God-War. His place was taken by another of his creations who calls himself Zorn. One in a thousand will be born with shocking white hair. Zornites have very little body fat and slender bodies. This does not make them less strong or tough than the other Human races. They are a civilized and rational people, called inscrutable by other Humans.

The Red Men are just that... red. They have black hair and black eyes, though one in a hundred or so will have grey eyes; one in a thousand will have green eyes. Their folklore says they were created by the warrior God-King named Horash, who died leading a mighty army in the God-War. Like their creator, the Red Men are warlike and often found as mercenaries.

The Yellow Men are yellow, as the name says. Two-thirds have golden hair and eyes, while the remaining third have black hair and blue eyes. Their creator was named Kyris, and like the other greater God-Kings he died in the God-War. Yellow Men are renowned sailors and merchants.

Hillmen, sometimes called Primitives, are normal Humans unchanged (for the most part) by the God-Kings. They have light tan to deep tan skin, with any of black, brown, or blonde hair and grey, blue, green, or brown eyes. The only major nation controlled by these "normal" Humans is Antyr. They are often looked down on by the other races of Humans.

To generate height of Human characters, use the following table:

Race Height Weight Mult
Red Man, Yellow Man 60 + 2d6" 1.05x
Vashite, Zornite 62 + 2d6" 1.00x
Azurite 64 + 2d6" 0.95x
Hillman 60 + 2d10" 1.00x

First, roll for Height. Compute average Weight according to this formula:

Weight = (Height / 72) ^ 3 * 175
Multiply the Weight computed by the racial Weight Multiplier from the table above, then by the random variation, as follows:


Finally, for females deduct 2" of Height.

For crossbreeds the GameMaster will decide how to generate height and weight. In general, multiply together the Weight Multipliers to get a composite, and average the base figure for Height. If the cross if half-Hillman (a "fade"), use 2d8 as the adder.

The Shattered World  Human   
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