The Shattered World  Ogre   


Ability Scores
Strength 2d6+12 (19) 
Dexterity 3d6 (11) 
Endurance 2d6+6 (13) 
Intelligence 2d6 (7) 
Will 3d6 (11) 
Charm 2d4 (5) 

Hit Points (End + Str Bonus) * 1.5 (25) 
Mana PointsWill + Int Bonus (10) 
SizeLarge (1.5x) 

# Attacks 1 or by weapon 
To Hit10 or by weapon 
Damage1d8 or by weapon 


Ogres are large (8') humanoid monsters, with features even they find ugly. In fact, uglyness is a matter of pride, and the most homely Ogre in a tribe is, if not the chief, possibly the next most respected. Strength and Endurance are also important, as is battle prowess.

Any sort of weapon is usable by these creatures, but note that they can use Large weapons in one hand, making Greatswords and Greataxes popular choices. Ogres are warlike and particularly dislike Minotaurs.

The Shattered World  Ogre   
Last Updated 01/12/2002