The Shattered World  Equipment   

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Special Equipment Items    


Sparkoil is a special oil mixture which ignites on contact with air. If splashed with Sparkoil, a character takes 2d8 damage on the first round and 1d6 each round for 1d6 rounds thereafter. A full waterskin of water can put out the fire with a normal Dexterity roll by the person applying the water. If the victim is immersed in water, the flames are put out immediately. Note that armor will not normally protect against fire.


Stonebows are similar to crossbows in nature. They consist of a four or six armed bow (the arms being attached to a central ring) with the four or six strings tied to a central pouch. The ring, in turn, is attached to the stock. The pouch can be loaded with stones (hence the name) or with special spherical vials of noxious material.

Stonebows are also called Hurlants, especially when they are used to fire containers of poison, gas, or sparkoil. The combat characteristics of Stonebows are given below; the damage for a Shell is variable, based on the contents.

Weapon Cost Weight Size Damage Armor
Stonebow 50 14 M   2
Stone, Small N/A 0.1 T 1d8 N/A
Stone, Large N/A 0.2 T 1d12 N/A
Shell 0.3 0.2 T * N/A

Weapon Short Range Maximum Range
Stonebow 90 270


A Tarak is a two-headed axe, each head being double-bitted.

The Shattered World  Equipment   
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