The Shattered World  The God Kings   

When the great Temple appeared, there were five greater God Kings and nearly a hundred lesser ones. Because of their historic significance, all the greater ones will be described here, along with those of the lesser God Kings who survived the Darkness.

It is traditional to represent the names of the God Kings in all-uppercase characters, and it shall be so here.

Greater God Kings    


KYRIS, the Golden, Leader of the God Kings, was seen as a father-deity. He was mighty, wrathful if crossed, but overall was seen as a good leader. He is among those who died in the Darkness.


SERUS, the Blue, was the Scholar of the God Kings. He was seen as logical and cool-headed. He was the patron of Mages. SERUS died in the Darkness.


ZORAL, the Black, was Lord of the Dead and Master of Homunculi. He died in the Darkness, but left behind his son, ZORN, who is nearly his equal (it is said). ZORAL and ZORN are noted for their appearance, being "like glassy vessels full of stars."


HORASH, the Red God, Warlord of the God Kings, died leading the vanguard in the battle against the Gods of the Sky. There are none of his red-skinned followers left alive among the lesser God Kings.


VASH, the Green, is the only survivor of the greater God Kings. She is also the only female, and the only one to deviate from the normal Human form; she has a second set of arms below the first. VASH is the earth-mother figure, mistress of both fertility and lust.

Lesser God Kings    


ZORN, son of ZORAL, is described above under his father's listing. He is reclusive, rarely seen outside the Black Pyramids which are his home.

(male yellow)

(female yellow)

(male yellow)

(male blue)

(male blue)

Magical Technologies of the God-Kings


The magical technology called Homunculi (singular Homuculus) is the knowledge and skill to create or shape living things in a permanent fashion. This knowledge, perfected by VASH but known to some level or another by all God-Kings, is the means by which Humans were remade and by which Minotaurs, Saurans, and Aarakocra were created.


This is the knowledge of creating Automatons, the preferred servants of the God-Kings. There are many designs for such devices, but in general once a standard design is created the God-Kings duplicate it repeatedly.

In general such devices consume Mana, at a rate of 1 point per day of operation, from an internal store (in the form of magic crystals) and must be recharged from time to time as per normal magic crystals. The most powerful Machina have the ability to recharge themselves at a rate based on their Will, just as normal characters do.


This is the most difficult magical technology of all, the combination of Automaton and living (Homunculus) components. Only VASH is known to be able to create such beings.


The God-Kings (or their servants) sometimes travel in Windships, flying craft powered by ancient magic. A small Windship will have magic crystals totalling at least 100 Mana points bound directly to the Levitational, a mystical device which produces the lift for the Windship. Each day's lift for a small Windship will cost 3 Mana plus 1 Mana per 500 lbs. of cargo or passengers. Motive power is provided by jets of wind powered by crystalized air; each crystal will provide 2d4 hours thrust. A small ship will have one wind funnel (jet); larger ships will have more. Due to the instability of crystalized air, larger funnels needing larger crystals are not generally made.

The Shattered World  The God Kings   
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