The Shattered World  History   

The God Kings    

The Age of the God-Kings began with the appearance from the sky of their Temple. It set down in the middle of the great plain, and from there the God-Kings reigned. As they were very powerful, most of the tribal Humans accepted their rule.

The God Kings and their servants taught Humans many crafts and sciences, including magic, to make the Humans more useful. Human laborers and craftsmen built the great cities of the God Kings, filled with palaces and gardens for their amusement. Humans were remade in the images of the God Kings themselves.

Unsatisfied with Humans, the God Kings created other intelligent creatures to amuse them or for simple services. The Aaracockra were created as couriers, the Minotaurs as gladiators, and the Ogres and Giants were made for hard labor. Monsters such as Bandersnatchi and Jabberwocky were also made for the arena. Morpheons were made to be excellent guards.

The God War    

Eventually, it is said, the God Kings decided to challenge the Gods of the Sky for dominance. There ensued a great war, where many Humans and other servants of the God Kings were slain. In the final battle, the Gods of the Sky unleashed a power called the Fists of Heaven and smote the world three times.

Four of the five greatest of the God Kings were destroyed, with all their works, their cities, and their servants. Three great seas filled the craters as the world was lashed by storms and darkness.

All life in the world would have been destroyed, but for the actions of VASH, the remaining leader of the God Kings, and those of the lesser God Kings who remained. VASH worked great magics from the surviving temple on the Captive Moon. The darkness could have lasted many years, but VASH brought an end to it in a month.

Still, food was scarce, and most large creatures died of starvation while many smaller creatures died of cold. The Humans and other intelligent races were hard hit also, but eventually the darkness lifted and life again seemed normal.

The Age of Men    

Humans survived the darkness better than most, and remembered much of what the God Kings taught them. They have built many nations in the thousand years since the God War.

The lesser God Kings who survived have given up their aspirations of conquest, content to live with their servants inside the temples or palaces or bunkers created long ago. Some few have borne (or possibly created) children of their own. For the most part their activities are inscrutable to Humans. To interact with a God King is to invite catastrophe, it is said.

The Shattered World  History   
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