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After the God-War, the region to the northeast of Dracotera became known as "the Wastes" because no one of the civilized races wanted to live there. The land is high plains with sparse rainfall in the summer and high, cold winds and snow in the winter. The inhabitants were nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes of normal Humans. For most of a thousand years this was the status quo.

All that changed when the new chief of the Antyr tribe, hunting with a few of his closest friends, literally fell into a bunker dating back to the God-War. Few of the wonders therein were functional, having been damaged in the war or subsequently decaying from sheer ages of neglect; but the hunters found one thing of interest: an automaton.

No one will tell the story of how the chief, Adar son of Huth, was able to reactivate the automaton, nor of how she came to call him master, but the automaton had all the ancient knowledge. Adar called her Silver because of her appearance; her designation, Quan-23-Imri-792, being useless as a name. (Quan and Imri are letters in the ancient alphabet of the Gods.)

In appearance she is basically female, though lacking hair, breasts, genitals, or nails. Her skin is like quicksilver, gleaming and smooth, soft to the touch but magically hardening if struck. She speaks in a low, beautiful voice which never betrays any emotions, as she claims to have none. She never eats, drinks, or sleeps; her mechanism of sustenance is not known. Her eyes are like silver orbs, having no visible surface features.

Adar's people split up into two tribes, as many were afraid of Silver or angered by her presence. Adar used her knowledge to build a village, and when tribesmen from other tribes came to join him he made them to acknowledge him as King. Soon the village was a city with the most modern of conveniences (running water for instance) and the surrounding land was filled with farms receiving water from a new canal system.

For every tribesman who eagerly joined Adar, there were two others who hated him, and eventually there was war. When the dust settled, the western third of the Wastes was ceded to the enemies of Adar, and the eastern two-thirds became known as the Kingdom of Antyr. With more reliable food sources and better defenses against predators and raiders, the Antyrans quickly reached and then exceeded the numbers of the tribesmen.

As the Antyran nation continued to grow, the King of Suritania (a Vashite nation) became worried; so he decided to blame Hillmen border raids on Antyr (though he knew better) and declared war.

The Antyran forces were unskilled at modern warfare, but Silver gave them many advantages which allowed them to eventually win, forcing King Rothus of Suritania to agree to a treaty. By this time, Adar's son, Athron, was King in Antyr, as Adar had fallen in battle. Athron considers Rothus treacherous and unreliable, so even with the treaty Antyr still maintains forts and patrols in the mountains of the border.

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The Shattered World  Antyr   
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