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Kyris is a volcanic island in the center of the Primus Sea. It is named for the God-King Kyris, killed in the God-War; the Kyrians are of the Yellow Men race, which he created.

As Kyris (the island) is hard to farm, the inhabitants have become great seagoing merchants. There is a substantial colony of Minotaurs on the island, who are more civilized than most; many of them work as sailors, though few advance to trader.

Kyrians have a reputation as being sharp operators, willing to make a gold crown any way they can, but in general one will hold to the letter of any contract he signs.

Kyris is presently ruled by Naressa, Lady Regent of the House of Liriel. She is the aunt, and closest living relative, of the proper Queen of Kyris, Galinna, who is just nine years old. Galinna's mother, the former Queen Arialla, and her consort Colbard were killed a few years ago in an attack by sea raiders.

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The Shattered World  Kyris   
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